Choosing what format to engage and onboard your organisation on the transformation journey is actually a pretty easy one.


The decision tends to be a collaborative one and stems naturally when the core team convenes to co-design the objectives of their transformation.


In simplest language, it comes down to two factors:

  • experience: physical or virtual interventions?

  • context: a short series of impactful design events or a more persistent, implementation follow-throughs ?

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We bring a collaborative and co-creative mindset to transformation programmes; flipping the consulting model on its head by putting our client at the heart of both design and decision making.

Our advisory strength keeps you out of the weeds and true to your intentions, engendering that collaborative spirit and nurturing absolute ownership within your teams.

We advise and deliver in both a physical and virtual capacity.  Naturally, under the current pandemic, all of our clients are selecting the virtual route (and to great effect).   



Clients select HATCH because of the alternative ways we approach transformation programmes.

Explosive, all-involving, collaborative, dynamic, tension-mounting, energy-fuelled interventions that demand full-engagement and generate incredible, rapid results.

Clients often switch on a Hlab to kick-start a transformation programme, before progressing the agenda by investing in longer term Hlab ensuring the rigour and endeavour of implementation is followed through


For those needing a shot of adrenalin to activate a team of sponsors and stakeholders to engage in a major transformation, accelerating decision-making and solution-design that creates better futures. 

A scalable format (20 to 200+ participants) within a purpose-built collaboration space (virtual or physical), using a deeply facilitated co-creation process.

These can be one day interventions, or a series of Hlabs over consecutive days, and will require 4-6 weeks to prepare and co-design.


Hlabs are also utilised for organisations who are in implementation-mode, or who are wanting to instill a new way of working; embedding new patterns of innovation & collaboration.

These are either hosted online or within a dedicated on-site environment, with on-demand access to our capability, tools and frameworks to support systemic change and large scale transformation.

Hlabs can be operational for a quarter, 6 or 12 months - and in some cases take the shape of an Innovation-Hub to inspire and promote progress.  




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