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Forward-thinking organisations are using HATCHVIRTUALlabs for co-creating strategies and co-designing outcomes, despite the limitations of lockdown.

Our labs are hosting 20-200 participants in design events spanning multiple continents.

By adopting virtual co-creation as a way of working brings new opportunities for success. Teams are:

integrating a richer set of inputs,

including a broader spectrum of participants, and 

quickening design iterations

… all culminating in quicker decision making, more informed designs and better quality outcomes.  

For many, 2020 is proving to be a freeze, flight or fight year. Don't get left behind; be transformative by getting co-creative with your teams. Open the door to new blueprints and business models that turn threats into opportunities, and in doing so, galvanise your team to pull together, even when they can't be together


HATCH drive a series of pre-event design sessions to:

  • Engage your sponsors and design committee

  • Define your key objectives

  • Design a series of events to smash those objectives

HATCH then host and produce your design lab with: 

  • Challenging facilitation, insightful interviews and immersive activities

  • Access to co-creative software for iterative design cycles  

  • Live scribing, content capturing and context-savvy curating

  • Leverage the collective sense of purpose for onboarding ongoing ownership

Introduce yourself and find out how HATCHVIRTUALlabs 

could work for you...

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