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Choosing what format to engage and onboard your organisation on the transformation journey is actually a pretty easy one.


The decision tends to be a collaborative one and stems naturally when the core team convenes to co-design the objectives of their transformation.


In simplest language, it comes down to two factors:

  • experience: physical or virtual interventions?

  • context: a short series of impactful design events or a more persistent, implementation follow-throughs ?

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We bring a collaborative and co-creative mindset to transformation programmes; flipping the consulting model on its head by putting our client at the heart of both design and decision making.

Our advisory strength keeps you out of the weeds and true to your intentions, engendering that collaborative spirit and nurturing absolute ownership within your teams.

We advise and deliver in both a physical and virtual capacity.  Naturally, under the current pandemic, all of our clients are selecting the virtual route (and to great effect).  


For specific information about how we deliver virtual co-design programmes to 20 - 200 senior decision-makers, click here.



Clients select HATCH because of the alternative ways we approach transformation programmes.

Explosive, all-involving, collaborative, dynamic, tension-mounting, energy-fuelled interventions that demand full-engagement and generate incredible, rapid results.

We harness the power of your people to design better futures that sustain. The secret is forging a shared vision and intent, and then co-creating the business solutions to match. 


Intense, fast-paced and interactive our labs give our clients the space, mechanisms and accelerators for instigating and driving change

Our labs are honed for collaboration and co-creation, where we bring 20-200 participants together into one shared environment; co-creating impactful transformational strategies, blueprints and plans for change.

We challenge your pre-existing beliefs, and patterns to open up new possibilities and opportunities for growth; unleashing energetic and sustainable change without the usual disconnection and fatigue.


Hubs are more enduring and provide the infrastructure, governance, and consistent expertise for driving enterprise-wide, systemic transformation. 

Either in-person or on-screen, hubs are co-creative platforms to drive a series of interconnected changes within a single ecosystem. Great for cultural-bonding, the hub provides a transparent and dependable identity for change.

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