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Creating a vision for the future and bringing to life a new culture

North American Professional and Technology Services Provider


The challenge

As part of a strategy to change the way their business worked, the CHRO wanted to bring together a diverse group of stakeholders to deliver on the cultural elements of the strategy.​

We empowered 160 global leaders to explore the art of the possible and co-created a vision of the future that was both inspiring and energising.​

Through highly facilitated and constructive conversations, we helped participants make sense of the strategy, bringing to life the key priorities and turning those into implementable actions, taking that coalition of stakeholders on a journey over several months to create a global movement.

What did we do?

  • We kicked off this co-creation journey with a 160 person virtual CoLab and embedded this way of working with over 20,000 employees getting involved in an 8-month virtual Hub.​
  • The virtual Hub consisted of 28 CoLabs around 4 workstreams to bring a coalition of stakeholders together to: create a cultural new identity and its values; start a global movement; remove the key obstacles in the way of success and reimagining ways of working; and engage leadership in developing the right mindset and behaviours needed to bring it all together.​
  • We broke down a siloed company by giving everyone a voice, no matter which part of the business they sat in.

What was the impact?

  • We co-created the values, leadership behaviours and the culture spectrum that brought to life the culture our client wanted to see
  • We initiated a global co-creative movement to immerse employees in the new values, and give everyone a chance to get involved with defining the culture they wanted to see
  • Through co-creation we challenged the organisation to apply a cultural lens to their internal processes and policies, to unblock obstacles that would get in their way
  • We engaged leaders to define what the culture meant to them and take ownership of their own mindset and behaviours to make it happen
employees engaged in the culture change
countries represented
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