Case studies

Stories, redesigned. Commissioned by global businesses, governments and organisations, we have had the privilege of turbo-charging business modernisation and being the catalyst for change


There is beauty to be uncovered in every political and economic climate and we’re experts at getting your business in shape for what's to come 

Keep your strategy relevant

Volatile macro-trends, unpredictable market conditions and continuous innovation make it vital for businesses to keep their strategy relevant. Agile approaches to strategy development are increasingly adopted as businesses look for ways to rapidly operationalise strategic decisions.


Adapt your operating model

Uncertainty is the new normal. Gnarly challenges can be reframed as exciting opportunities. For an ambitious organisation to fully grasp these increasingly requires a reassessment of the underlying business model and a reimagining of how strategy can be brought to life operationally to turbo-charge growth.

Operating Model

Merge, acquire and separate seamlessly

The uncertainty and fear brought about by companies being merged or separated is the single biggest risk factor to their success. As with any big change, the more people talk and include each other in their conversations, the easier it is to unite around the strategic intent behind the change and navigate the path forward together.​

Merge & Acquire

Design for new markets

Breaking into new markets is a tricky task that requires stepping out of your comfort zone, as each new market presents its own set of unique challenges. Hatch's approach is to identify and define the opportunity with the right leaders before aligning all of the key stakeholders and moving parts that will play a role in making it happen.

New Markets

Reimagine your processes

Process re-design isn't just about re-arranging the deckchairs. Often people need to think differently in order to get on board with 'why’ we are doing this before they can effectively re-imagine 'what’ will change and 'how’ it will work in the future.


Unearth new growth opportunities

There's always room to grow. Constantly seeking to uncover opportunities for growth - and the right commercial and operational levers - is key to an organisation's long term survival.


Designing models for sustainability

Hatch exists to make the world work better together which means putting sustainability at the heart of what we do. Our inclusive business design approach has been proven to unlock real economic, political and social impact on the world.


Revitalise your culture

As they say 'culture eats strategy for breakfast' and this never becomes more apparent than when trying to implement a strategy top down. Creating true buy-in at all levels of the organisation requires mindset and behaviour shifts that will determine whether or not the changes required will stick, or whither on the vine. Hatch's inclusive approach creates a movement of influencers and advocates that can help drive the right behaviours, sending waves of inspiration through the organisation.


Be more innovative

Something innovative is new and original. Find opportunities to deliver new value by engaging with those around you. It takes many people, collaborating, and communicating to bring something of value to life.


Improve your customer experience

Without constant, steady improvements to customer experience, brands can struggle to win and retain business. Most companies know what needs to be done, but many struggle to organise themselves to design and deliver better experiences across the board. Hatch helps you to drive inclusive conversations that will generate designs for the experiences your customers crave.

Customer Experience

Respond to major change

Being able to embrace change and adapt smoothly to a changing regulatory environment can be the difference between success and failure in a given market. Businesses can get ahead of the game by inclusively designing the right response to new laws and regulations.​


Define your purpose

A purpose, unlike a goal, is not something you ever achieve. It defines the direction of your business and identifies what makes you unique.​ It should also clarify and make us feel energised about why we exist, what makes us ‘jump out of bed’ each day, and what our customers value most about us.

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