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Shifting mindset towards a customer centric approach

B2B Commercial Bank

Customer Experience

The challenge

Our client was a B2B bank headquartered in the Middle East and operating globally.​

We were brought in by the chief strategy officer who wanted to instil a culture of customer-centricity across the bank.​

This would involve a major shift in mindset as people across the bank were encouraged to think about the customer experience they were providing rather than just their sales targets.

What did we do?

  • We delivered a 2 day event in which the leadership team came together to share and align around te company vision and ambition and explore the art of the possible for their customer experience​
  • We worked with a design team of SMEs to build a set of customer scenarios that could be applied to the bank’s processes, helping participants understand how those processes drove the customer experience​
  • Through a series of working sessions we used the customer scenarios to stress test the bank’s key sales and service processes identifying changes that would enhance the experience delivered and the ultimate outcome

What was the impact?

  • We effected a shift in mindset leading to a more customer centric approach to doing business being implemented across the bank
  • By looking at their processes through the eyes of their customers our clients were able to identify lots of opportunities (many of them quick wins) to do things differently and better
  • We brought this thinking to life by visualising the customer experience across the process highlighting key changes we would make and how they lead to better outcomes
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