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Helping you to inspire and energise your organisation

Finding your purpose


The challenge

Our clients often come to us with the same challenge – they are struggling to inspire and energise their organisations, especially when a large change is coming.​

We know that people struggle the most when they don’t fully understand the basic ‘why’ behind their work. It is impossible to get fully on board with a project or transformation if we can’t understand it’s purpose, or our role within it.​

Time and time again we have seen that in organisations that are purpose-led the employees are more engaged, inspired and committed. ​

What would we do?

  • Combining our expertise in collaborative working with the knowledge of purpose experts, we support organisations in finding and defining their purpose​
  • We believe that the purpose already exists – our role is to unearth it from the members of your organisation through their personal stories.​
  • Firstly, we immerse into your history, legacy & ambition to build true understanding. We then unlock the voice & collective wisdom of your people, before co-creating and playing with purpose themes. Finally, we agree, test & sign-off a final purpose statement​
  • With a clear, defined and understood purpose we help clients apply this intention to the design of their business and their operations. This ensures that their day to day activities are in support of this wider goal.

What was the impact?

  • Co-creating with the wider organisation strengthens the purpose as it has been democratically designed using many perspectives.
  • With greater engagement of people, there is greater belief in the purpose. This increased buy-in leads to improved outcomes, as there is more personal commitment to delivering on it.
  • With leaders knowing their personal purpose, they inspire others to follow their movement, not just their plan
  • Employees find more meaning in their day-to-day work – creating happier organisations.
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