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Uncovering opportunities to design for sustainability

Not-for profit organisation


The challenge

This not-for profit organisation was designed to bring organisations together to reshape how society functions for a broader purpose.​

By bringing leaders and SMEs together to explore new models for how we govern and run society, our client helped business play an important social role within the UK.

What did we do?

  • Through 3 days of virtual CoLab events we brought together a participant group of influential leaders from investment, entrepreneurial, government, legal and established business communities.​
  • Firstly, they aligned around the need for businesses and government to work together to better serve society, and increase their positive impact.​
  • They identified and aligned around four main areas of friction which were holding businesses back: Identification, Incorporation, Investment and Impact Measurement.​
  • For each topic, participants uncovered the opportunities within, and set about building the solutions needed.

What was the impact?

  • We built alignment amongst high-profile figures around what they were trying to achieve, and understanding of the value they could deliver
  • Our facilitators pushed participants to design ideas that made the biggest impact, and build truly hard-hitting solutions
  • The collected perspectives were fed into a discussion paper, which set out the findings of what is currently holding back businesses from having a positive societal impact. This was then submitted to government to support the development of reform ideas
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